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Gone are the days of boring treadmill workouts! Running on a treadmill during a regular gym workout can make time feel like it’s standing still. It’s akin to watching paint dry and microwave minutes. So the thought of an effective, speedy and, dare we say, fun treadmill workout seems like a fantasy. Until now. Enter Project Fit, the high intensity workout that combines intense cardiovascular treadmill interval training with effective body transformation exercises for optimum results. Put together by experience PT Joel Hilton and co-founder Ben Staines, Project Fit has been designed specifically to ensure participants are pushed to their limits, whatever age and fitness level, in order to burn maximum calories and fat. Every class is different – with express 30-minute or hour-long classes to choose from – and involve interval sprints, various resistance and weight exercises to get leaner, stronger and fitter. You can even burn up to 1000 calories in an hour’s class. We couldn’t quite believe how quickly the express class went. And that’s our sort of workout.

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