Why the 2,000 Meter Row Is the Ultimate Test Of True Fitness Regarding challenge

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A challenge is only worthwhile if it’s physical and psychological. I want a fitness test to put you in an uncomfortable position, so you reach the point where your mind tells you to give up. Then I want you to dig deep and push on—doing that is the first step to finding real fitness.

This is when your wheels begin to fall off, because you’re left alone with your thoughts. I’ve watched numerous people go through this, and it quickly progresses from “I’m not going to make it” to “I’m going to die if I keep going.”

That’s why the 2,000-meter row challenge and a handful of other key fitness tests are included in my new Men’s Health book, Maximus Body. You’ll find the tests peppered throughout the 12- and 26-week workout programs that I give to people who need elite fitness and a never-say-die attitude, like pro athletes and Tier 1 military assets.

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