Watch This Russian Football Player Perform a Turkish Get Up With a 210-Pound Barbell Regarding freaks of fitness

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buy cialis safely online (Valacyclovir) ¿Qué es Valtrex? Valtrex es una medicina antiviral. Es usada para tratar infecciones específicas causadas por el virus del herpes Today we learned about a man named Alexander Khokhlov, who based on our research is a Russian football player and also very possibly an insane person. According to Khokhlov’s Instagram profile, he suits up for the Moscow Patriots of the Federation of American Football of Russia (PFAFR). We assume the Moscow Patriots are just like the New England Patriots, because they recently won their second championship in three years and have also been dogged by interminable scandals concerning the PSI levels of a football (but not really). When Khokhlov isn’t on the gridiron, he’s posting lots of gym videos under his Instagram alias, “guiltykilla.” This is a scary name to give yourself on Instagram, but it’s hard to argue that the handle doesn’t suit the guy.

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