Instagram Fitness Model Amanda Lee Tells Us How She Went From 0 to 10 Million Followers Regarding models

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Last week, Instagram fitness model Amanda Lee surpassed a milestone that, like her profile itself, didn’t exist a decade ago: 10 million followers. But it’s not all glitz and glam. A Los Angeles-based personal trainer, Lee knows how to conquer the grueling workouts that have given her such a photogenic physique.

I really like the full aesthetic of the photo to go well—the background, the lighting, the outfit. I just like to create an overall aesthetic that I think my followers will like. And, of course, I like to get the right angles to make my butt look bigger. (Glute strength isn’t just for gals—try these 11 exercises to build stronger glutes.)

I do leg days two to three times a week. I prefer heavy weights because my goal is to get stronger and build thighs. I do a combination of squats, walking lunges, leg press, Romanian deadlifts, step-ups, plyometrics, donkey kicks—basically every single type of lower body exercise—and box jumps.


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