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Midnight on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. We’re hurtling west toward Springfield, Missouri, a thousand-mile haul, in a 500-horsepower freightliner towing 19 tons of dangerous cargo. Behind the wheel is 27-year-old Justin Boschee, a 6’5″ former offensive tackle at Eastern Oregon University, a born-again christian, and a driver with more than 400,000 miles of unblemished experience. I’m hoping this trinity of muscle, messiah, and mileage will keep us safe.

Of the two charts above, you’ll notice that the one on the top, which monitors the metabolism of a typical long-haul truck driver over a 24-hour period, is largely flat. Except for a few spikes when he may have been pumping diesel or walking into KFC, that driver could be dead. “Most drivers I work with are sedentary almost 23 hours a day,” says Siphiwe Baleka, who’s a Yale grad, Ironman triathlete, Masters swimming champion, and former driver, and now the driver fitness coach at Prime Inc., a 5,400-truck firm, and Boschee’s employer.

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